Why Optuma

We make the tools you want

The True Leader in Astro & Technical Analysis Tool Development

Optuma is so much more than just Technical Analysis. From the moment you run Optuma for the first time you will know that this program is like nothing else you have ever used before. Optuma has spent a lot of time and expertise working to provide our clients with an interface that has that perfect balance between power and ease of use.

Great Reasons To Buy

  • Natal Analysis
  • Square of 9 Tools
  • Wheel of 24 Chart
  • Full Dynamic Ephemeris based on the Swiss Ephemeris
  • Gann Square Tools inc 144, 90, Range, Top & Bottom
  • Wall Chart Printing Module
  • Geometric Scale Locking
  • Square of 9 Chart
  • Square of 4 Chart
  • Hex Chart

First impressions are great and love the new look and feel of the software. Overall, I'm impressed.