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Looking Back with W.D Gann – Long Term Cycles Comments Off on Looking Back with W.D Gann – Long Term Cycles

Looking Back with W.D Gann – Long Term Cycles

Posted on May 1, 2010

"The culmination of the Bull market in September 1929 was really the result of a long term business cycle which began in August 1896 and continued for 33 years, with each campaign in the market making higher pr

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Planetary Cycles Methodology Comments Off on Planetary Cycles Methodology

Planetary Cycles Methodology

Posted on Mar 1, 2010

"I have proved to myself, and I proved to other people  that the law of vibration explains every possible phase and condition of the market." W.D.Gann All the big cycles and the trend of the financial marke

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The Fatal Number 7 Comments Off on The Fatal Number 7

The Fatal Number 7

Posted on Jan 1, 2010

[quote type="center"]The Lord hath called for a famine; and it shall also come upon the land seven years.[/quote] "7" is the fatal number referred to many times in the Bible and it is ruled by the planet Sat

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The Planetary Fan Comments Off on The Planetary Fan

The Planetary Fan

Posted on Nov 1, 2009

W.D. Gann charmed many students and traders with his brilliant insights into the harmonic laws that bind natural phenomena to the financial markets fluctuations.  As Known, the Gann Theory is based on two main

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