Alan Oliver

Professional Trader, Author & Educator at Stockmarket Prophets Pty Ltd

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Alan Oliver has been a private educator and trader, beginning his career in 1989. He has worked for two major Australian banks, Westpac and ANZ. Most recently he has written a book on his favourite subject of Fibonacci and the Golden Harmonic ratio, praised for its ease of explanation and suitability for all traders of any level. He has been invited by Australian and overseas traders to speak on the subject, just recently completing a book tour of Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok and China.

Alan devotes his time to trading his own account with the same tools and techniques he teaches clients, his most notable achievement to date was the correct forecast and analysis of the September 11 market crash. He also shares his knowledge and experiences with students on a weekly basis, providing support and assistance for those traders who want to learn and understand the concepts of Fibonacci and Gann.

His teaching and education skills are particularly aimed at making the quantum leap from amateur to professional as easy as possible. Drawing on experiences from his own trading background and after working for other educators in Australia in an advisory capacity, you have a unique situation of a trader/educator who has walked the walk with the skills to pass on the necessary information to keep new traders from falling into the traps that lay in wait.

Alan Oliver's book 'Trading with the Gods'  is available at the Educated Investor.



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