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Cycles’ Theory Under Undulating Phenomena Comments Off on Cycles’ Theory Under Undulating Phenomena

Cycles’ Theory Under Undulating Phenomena

Posted on Oct 13, 2010

In this article I want to share a part of my biggest discovery for the building of a composite cycle with you using the planetary longitudes, and only the most astute will understand its meaning. [quote]The ex

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Planetary Cycles Methodology Comments Off on Planetary Cycles Methodology

Planetary Cycles Methodology

Posted on Mar 1, 2010

"I have proved to myself, and I proved to other people  that the law of vibration explains every possible phase and condition of the market." W.D.Gann All the big cycles and the trend of the financial marke

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The Planetary Fan Comments Off on The Planetary Fan

The Planetary Fan

Posted on Nov 1, 2009

W.D. Gann charmed many students and traders with his brilliant insights into the harmonic laws that bind natural phenomena to the financial markets fluctuations.  As Known, the Gann Theory is based on two main

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